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Our People


Keith is a closet coffee geek who has competed and won numerous coffee competitions to distract him from actually running his coffee business. Since 2010, he’s won a barista competition, a latte art competition and a cup tasting competition. He’s also deep into judging coffee competitions, training budding baristas and craft-roasting, with many additional hours of practical experience in being seriously over-caffeinated.

Every morning Keith lovingly makes coffee for his mom, dad, wife and then himself. They’re his toughest and most loyal fans/critics and he credits them for helping him create coffee that everyone can love.

(Keith is also Ben’s oldest & closest friend)


Ben Fones is a seasoned and affable techno entrepreneur with a double degree in Computer Information Systems and Management Information Systems. Over the past decade he’s managed tech startups and has held the role of CEO, founder, mentor, country manager and even general dogsbody in no particular order whatsoever. You name it he’s done it.