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Guerilla Coffee sells great tasting coffee uniquely roasted so that it's dead easy for anyone to brew at home. Oh and free shipping on any order, because we know how lazy we can get when it’s time to buy coffee!


Quality & Freshness. Unfortunately only a taste test will prove that you. So take a leap of faith with us, we're confident you'll be pleasantly surprised.


We currently roast weekly on Wednesday. Packing delivery happens over the next few days after and we'll pop it in the local Singapore mail right after. Your fresh coffee will reach you within a week's time of it's roasting.


1) Freshness - Great coffee loses its greatness very quickly. A regular subscription ensures you get your coffee in a timely manner at it's peak quality.

2) Laziness - We know that you hate to run out of coffee and hate to do that ‘last minute’ dash to get coffee, especially in the early morning. Or the detour in rush hour after work to the Supermarket. Those inconveniences suck so here we are, offering the easiest, most brainless way to be lazy.


Yes. At anytime except the day that we roast (every Wednesday). Please place your order by 5pm on Tuesday. Do it in your accounts section. Or email us at hello@guerillacoffee.com for anything else.



Myth 1

Coffees can stay fresh for about a year

Truth 1

WRONG!! It only lasts for about about two months!

Coffee get’s stale after two months. All the fireworks of aromas and  kaleidoscope of flavours escape will inexorably find their way out of the roasted bean. This process speeds up exponentially once the coffee is ground. What remains is a muted and general idea of coffee that was good. Don’t be lazy, we roast weekly so that you get your coffee at peak flavour!

Myth 2

Dark roasted coffees are the bomb!

Truth 2

Dark roasted coffees tend to mask flavours and impart smoky ones.

Most dark roasted coffees also roast away their unique flavours. Oils also form faster on the surface of the bean. It looks great but faster oxidation of these oils will lead to rancid flavours.

Myth 3

Light roasted coffees are “sour”, too light and not “strong enough”

Truth 3

Yes a lot of great coffees are guilty of being under-roasted. Acidity overpowers the coffee and unbalances an otherwise great cup. Here at Guerilla Coffee we’ve found a secret sweet spot between light and dark roast. Yes it takes precision and patience but we’ve found a way to roast our coffees to develop the acidity further to balance with increased body sweetness. Roasting this way also keeps away the smoky flavours and retains the original flavours and aromas of the coffee.

Myth 4

Yes I can brew like a champ!

Truth 4

No you can’t! But you can brew almost like one!

Guerilla coffee has a special roasting style that will greatly help you to brew coffees so that the coffees are well extracted, taste great and ticks all the right boxes. However to get the best out of it you’ll have to learn some finer points in brewing coffee! We’ve also got a simple brew guide coming soon and there are tons of brewing tips everywhere online so do experiment and get brewing!



“There’s something magical about drinking a great cup of coffee. I’ve experienced it and hope that I can now share it with everyone."

Keith Loh is an experienced food & drink guy with a passion for all things coffee. For over a decade he’s conceptualised and operated numerous original F&B ideas in Singapore.

Keith is also a veteran in coffee competitions. From 2007 through to 2011, Keith placed in the top 4 positions in the Singapore National Barista Championships and won the title in 2010. He also holds other competition titles: (2010- Pura Latte Art Championship & 2013-National Cup Tasters Champion).

Keith is also an experienced coffee trainer, consultant and coffee roaster, with over 10 years of practical experience under his belt.

In 2012 Keith stopped competing and began judging in the national competitions from 2012 to present. He is well known as an active supporter and promoter of the Singapore coffee scene throughout the region.

Every morning Keith lovingly makes coffee for his entire family and credits them for helping him create coffee that everyone can love. He hopes that guerilla coffee will once again allow him to share and spread his passion for fresh, quality coffee.


Ben is a seasoned and affable technopreneur who’s launched and sold several tech startups over the past decade. He can on rare occasions be spotted cycling in loud, sweaty and dark air-conditioned rooms.