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The UNIC TANGO® DUO STP is a powerhouse machine with two 6.5L boilers running 8000w heating elements for continuously stable brew water and milk foaming steam.




The UNIC TANGO® DUO STP is a dual spout single brewer machine with one 6.5L boilers running 5600w heating elements for continuously stable brew water and milk foaming steam.


 Both the SOLO and DUO can be fitted with TWIN 80mm Ditting flat burr grinders. The TANGO® system of dosing and discharging coffee in between brewing is super fast. The folks at Guerilla coffee have tested the TANGO® to brew one cycle of espresso within 45seconds with one touch of the button. (Dose:18 grams, brew time: 27-30seconds, brew volume: 25-45ml).



The TANGO® ST also pairs with a new TANGO® ST Fridge which has a full compressor system to maintain consistently cold temperatures. It's 4L capacity ensures ample time between refills. This unique system can create microfoam milk for both HOT & COLD beverages. Image this speed, consistency and new menu items you can create! 


For more information about UNIC® Coffee systems visit their official website here.


Lola Group, Guerilla Coffee's parent company, is the authorised distributor for UNIC TANGO® fully automated coffee systems in Singapore.

We believe that the THE UNIC TANGO® System is the breakthrough product allows for barista-free brewing of speciality grade coffee-based drinks.

The UNIC TANGO® system will allow F&B outlets to increase output, consistency and quality their coffee drinks while reducing related manpower and training costs.

The TANGO® brews speciality grade coffee with effortless consistency at the touch of a button. Perfect for high-volume, high-speed commercial F&B environments.

At Guerilla Coffee, we have tested our blends and single estates extensively with the UNIC TANGO® system and have arrived at the same results. Highly consistent espresso brews at superfast speeds with minimal barista training needed.

For commercial enquiries please contact us for a demonstration of what the UNIC system can do for your F&B establishment. You can also arrange for your own blend to be brewed to your specifications for a hands-on test drive and taste test!

UNIC TANGO®, a new way to brew speciality grade coffee.